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Huang Jin, also known as Xielu.

Born in Fengrun, Hebei Province in 1940, and relocated to Hong Kong in 1993.

Member of the Chinese Artists Association and chairman of the Hong Kong Meticulous Painters Association.

After relocating to Hong Kong in 1993, his artistic focus shifted towards the study of horse-themed meticulous paintings. Through his mastery of techniques, he introduced a groundbreaking expression language, which skilfully captured the essence of horses, not only in their form but also in their vibrant coat colors. This unique artistic exploration embraces both tradition and the spirit of the times and redefines the art of horse painting.

Participated in the 8th Beijing International Art Biennale; 13th China National Art Works Exhibition; 9th Beijing International Art Biennale, selected to join in the Hong Kong Art Biennale three times, and the Global Ink Painting Exhibition twice.

His works have been successfully auctioned at Christie's, Poly, and Hanhai auctions many times

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