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K&J Gallery is thrilled to announce its showcase of the contemporary ink arts, 'Ink Flows,' at the coming 2024 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong
10 May 2024

As a prominent participant in the Hong Kong art market, K&J Gallery is dedicated to showcasing and promoting diverse styles of contemporary ink artists and their exceptional artworks. We are thrilled to announce our participation in the 2024 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong from May 16th to 19th. You can find us at booth A08 and our special booth, SP3, where we are set to present a truly unique ink arts feast. With meticulous curation, K&J brings 11 contemporary artists this time, each renowned for their distinctive artistic vision. The featured artists include Peggy Choi, Yi Pang, Lai Tung-Yiu Stan, Francis Ng, Liu Jia, Zhu Yang, Zhang Bin, Stephen Yau, Martha Cheung, Yin Haibo, Yvonne Chow.


At the invitation of the art fair organizer, K&J Gallery also will host a unique collaborative project titled "Ink flows" at booth SP3. This project brings together seven talented artists: , Peggy Choi, Yi Pang, Lai Tung-Yiu Stan, Francis Ng, Liu Jia, Zhang Bin, Stephen Yau." Ink flows" is an innovative exploration of the intersection between traditional ink art and contemporary art. Each artist will showcase their distinctive artistic techniques, collectively delving into the realms of collision and integration.


Through this exhibition, K&J Gallery aims to provide the audience with a profound experience of the evolving landscape of modern ink painting. Rather than merely delineating a separation between the past and present, the exhibition seeks to foster a harmonious fusion of old and new. The ink art represents a spiritual DNA, an essence deeply embedded within the core of Chinese civilization, the participating artists, driven by their unique perspectives, strive to infuse ink art with fresh artistic vitality, thereby conveying this spiritual DNA of this civilization to the next generations.

Artist Peggy Choi possesses a remarkable talent for abstract painting, achieving a sublime fusion of water and ink. Unrestrained by the conventions of traditional painting, she fearlessly explores forms imbued with free-flowing symbols. Peggy transforms the pictorial space into a realm where real space intertwines with her introspective realm, presenting memories and emotions through her artistic creations. At this art fair, Peggy will engage with the audience, inviting them to jointly participate in the creation process. Together, they will embark on an improvisational journey of abstract ink painting. Peggy will guide participants in utilizing modern techniques to play within the realm where concreteness and abstraction intersect. This collaborative experience will enable them to delve into the imaginative space and explore the inherent contingency and experimental joy found in contemporary ink art.



Spring Green (1)

66.5cm x 120cm

水墨設色紙本 Ink and Colour on Paper


Artist Yi Pang uses ink arts to reflect current social problems. Yipang's unique method of deconstructing and reframing written language opens a gateway to examining the interconnectedness between text, art and society. She brings ‘The Silence Seat' as a symbol of introspection. Its outward familiarity conceals a powerful message, subtly reminding its occupant of the lure of mindless chatter. The armchair's comfort is a trap, lulling us into becoming echo chambers of mundane talk. While comfortably seated, we're confronted with the 'blah's, an urging to recognise and resist the temptation of contributing to unproductive conversations. 'The Silence Seat' doesn't just invite us to sit, but challenges us with the potent question: 'To speak or not to speak?’


一   雱    YI PANG


The Silence Seat

70 cm (h) x 60cm (w) x 70cm (d)

木材、聚氨酯泡棉、聚酯 Wood, polyurethane foam, polyester


Stan departs from the conventional distant perspective found in traditional Oriental landscape painting. Instead, he embraces a close-up view, delving into the microcosmic world and exploring the intimate spaces on his own skin, like his artwork ‘The Realm of Yin and Yang: Deep Hug’. While he seldom directly incorporates landscapes into his paintings, he frequently portrays celestial phenomena, mountains, and rivers within the microscopic contours of the skin. His background as a scholar of architecture informs his pursuit of precision. While intricately capturing the inherent structures of textures, he also dramatically interprets the play of light upon those textures. Each texture on his palm resembles a brushstroke within a scripture, symbolizing his journey of spiritual formation.




The Realm of Yin and Yang: Deep Hug

69cm x 137cm

水墨紙本Ink on Paper


In the realm of nature, mushrooms stand as a vast kingdom within the fungal world. Inspired by this diverse and intriguing organism, artist Zhang Bin employs sculptures of various mushroom shapes to explore the intricacies of human nature. Through his artistic interpretation, these sculptures become interconnected, constructing a complex field that reflects the essence of life and survival. This thought-provoking theme is central to Zhang Bin's series of works titled ' All Creatures Great and small— None of us is isolated 03’.




All creatures great and small— None of us is isolated 03

28cm x 21cm x 26cm

水墨羊毛設色 Ink and colour on Wool


Artist Liu Jia embarks on a captivating journey to showcase the unique artistic allure of ink on various materials. Her vision is to seamlessly integrate the essence of ink into every facet of life. From chairs to small sketches, Liu Jia seeks to capture fleeting moods and evoke the ultimate expression of pursuing a meaningful existence. In this art fair, Liu Jia introduces ink-on-canvas paintings, breaking away from the traditional presentation of ink on paper or silk. As ink does not readily adhere to the canvas surface, it necessitates the exploration of different painting techniques, and the effect of ink on canvas differs from that on paper or silk. In Chinese painting, ink emphasizes the interplay of five distinct ink colors, these five ink colors mirror the diverse elements encountered in life and the full spectrum of human emotions. Remarkably, ink on canvas enables the artist to achieve subtle variations. This innovative approach reflects her unwavering pursuit of the essence of ink painting.


劉佳    LIU  JIA


Blue Stone

40cm x 50cm


Ink and Colour Acrylic on Canvas


‘Handcrafted ceramics is an art form where every touch injects life into the making process’ -- The installation art “Tea Break” brought by artist FRANCIS NG expresses his deep emotions:

To you, the index on this cup is familiar yet strange.

The unforgettable fragrance of tea leaves is like its deep nostalgia.

 The aftertaste of your tea, have you forgotten about him, her, or it?

Yet you can only return to the index on the cup...

 These things are like cups with pointed bottoms, 'once you hold it, you can't let go.'

 The Inspirations



Tea break 02

35cm(H) x 15cm(W) x 15cm(D)


Mixed media ceramic installation on canvas


Another artist participating in the exhibition is STEPHEN YAU, who has been immersed in the watercolor art creation for over four decades. The collection on display comprises ten recent watercolor paintings, each a heartfelt reflection of the artist's deep connection to both Hong Kong and Canada, where he has resided for numerous years.




HK Central in 50’s

56cm x 38cm

水墨水彩設色紙本 ink and Watercolour on Paper


K&J Gallery aspires to provide visitors with an immersive encounter with the personalities of artists and their explorations of ink art. Through this exhibition, the gallery aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of ink art among a wider audience, particularly among young individuals, to promote the development of contemporary ink art, and let this spiritual DNA flourish on the international art stage.

Ink Flows Live Performance Schedule:


May 16, 2024 2:30p.m. --4:30p.m . 6:30p.m. ---8:30p.m.

May 17, 2024 12:30p.m. --2:30p.m. 5:30p.m. ---7:30p.m.

May 18, 2024 10:30a.m. --12:30p.m. 3:30p.m. ---5:30p.m.

May 19, 2024 10:30a.m. --12:30 p.m. 3:30p.m. ---5:30p.m.


VIP Preview (by invitation only)
Thursday 16 May, 2pm – 4pm

Opening Night
Thursday 16 May, 4pm – 9pm

Public Opening Hours
Friday 17 May, 12pm – 9pm
Saturday 18 May, 10am – 7pm
Sunday 19 May, 10am – 7pm

Family Morning
Saturday 18 May, 10am – 12pm
Sunday 19 May, 10am – 12pm

A08 and SP3

Hall 1D&E, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai

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