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Xiaoqing was born in Suzhou in 1986, with the courtesy name ZhuJingShan and the studio's name GaiHuaYin.

He has a master's degree from Shanghai University. He started teaching at Suzhou University of Science and Technology
in 2011.

In 2017, he left the system to focus on artistic creation and is now a freelance artist.

His works have been auctioned lots of times in secondary markets like Poly, Christies, and RongBaoZhai. Many of his works have been
collected by Chinese and foreign collectors.

His works uphold the tradition of ink painting, with a literary style, avant-garde, mysterious, and even somewhat cold, aloof and
haughty... But his works are permeated with a desire for change within the unchanging, and a deep contemplation of the traditional
ink painting of the ancients. He does not rely on any particular symbol, style or tone, but always adheres to a sense of painting
urgency, or a spontaneous and strong painting impulse. Words can only make his paintings blurry and fragmented, and explanations can only limit the openness of his paintings. Compared to "persuasion," what he wants is "emotion"; compared to "certainty," what he wants is "uncertainty"; compared to "today," what he wants is "tomorrow." He is a young painter who lives for painting.
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