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Liu Jia
Liu Jia was born in Beijing and now lives in Hong Kong.

Liu Jia has participated in dozens of international exhibitions in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Europe and other regions, such as Shanghai Art Fair, Shenzhen Art Fair, Hong Kong Ink Asia, Asia Contemporary Art Fair, Affordable Art Fair, Asia Art in London, Hong Kong Urban Art Fair, Art Central, Artverse, Hong Kong Artists Association exhibition etc. She also had three solo exhibitions in 2016, 2019and 2021. Her work‘s were successfully auctioned by Poly Auction Company twice in 2021. Many of her works are also collected by institutions and collectors around the world. Her work was enlisted into Global 500 Ink Exhibition and Beijing International Art Biennale(Anti- epidemic).

Liu Jia's works are delicate and touching. Her creative inspiration usually comes from what she sees and thinks in life. She pursues the "heart source" by "learning from nature" and inherits and seeks breakthroughs in the traditional kung fu of poetry, painting, calligraphy and seal.

LJ is a member of the Hong Kong Artists Association, 4D Art Club, Contemporary Innovative Ink Painting Association, Hong Kong Art of Nature International Feminist Art Research Society, and International Women Artist Associates.
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