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"Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea of ​​Ink"

Special Exhibition

August 18 2023 - October 18 2024
The K & J Gallery is pleased to present a preview showcasing eight contemporary artists from Hong Kong for the upcoming 2023 Ink Asia Exhibition. 

Chinese ink painting, a distinct genre in the art world, has strong ties to the cultural and spiritual identities of its origins. This exhibition aims to display the artists' critical perspectives of the modern world, their unique interpretation of historical narratives, and their adept use of ink painting techniques. In their distinctive artistic voice, the artists navigate a path across the metaphorical ink sea, merging various world-views through their creations. 

YI PANG -- In the realm of conceptual ink art, her unique reverse English calligraphy encapsulates graceful strokes and sensibility reminiscent of the ancient Chinese cursive script.

ARCO LEE -- An alchemist of art, he deconstructs fragments of rice paper and brush-marks from the past to imbue them with new forms and meanings

DONNA CHU -- Her artwork, mirroring her personality, is marked by grandeur and elegance, reflecting a serene ambiance.

FRANCIS NG -- Ng’s innovative interpretations breathe new life into his creations, emphasizing his appreciation of diverse aesthetics.

YVONNE CHOW -- Through her sublime depictions of Hong Kong's enduring sea caves, weathered by millennia of storm and tide, she lays bare her affection for her homeland.

LIU JIA -- She effortlessly combines inspirations from classical maestros with modern contexts and techniques. While seeking breakthroughs in artistic forms, her enduring theme is to articulate thought-provoking stories.

PEGGY CHOI -- Adopting a philosophy of 'inclusiveness,' her creations blur the black and white binary, creating a canvas abundant with potential.

LAI TUNG-YIU STAN -- With ink and wash as his medium, he traverses microcosms to uncover the often overlooked or under-appreciated, intimate dimensions within oneself. 

Join us as we embark on this artistic journey showcasing the captivating fusion of ink and contemporary expressions by these remarkable artists. As a fitting prelude to the upcoming Ink Asia exhibition, it sheds light on Hong Kong's contemporary ink art scene.
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