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Kan Chi Hung
Landscape Painting Solo Exhibition

November 19 2023 - January 19 2024

["The road is long, I shall go up and down and seek"]  
--The Lament (Li Sao) By Qu Yuan 

K&J Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of a solo exhibition of "Quietude" landscape painting by Mr. Kan Chi Hung.

Depicting the mind is the ultimate pursuit of landscape painting. Inspired by Confucianism which seeks harmony and unity, Taoism which [pursues natural inaction], and Buddhism which searches for the origin, Chinese landscape is in perennial exploration of the unity of heaven and man, as well as the expression of daofa's natural state of mind. An artist who has gone through a decades-long journey of psychification ... ["The road is long, I shall go up and down and seek"] – this is the motto driving Kan Chi Hung's artistic pursuit.

This exhibition features Kan Chi Hung's outstanding landscape paintings spanning 20 years. The works reflects the spirit of "a mountain seen is a mountain, a mountain seen is not a mountain, a mountain seen is nothing but a mountain". His brush strokes, epitomizing contemporary ink painting, are thought-provoking and inspiring.

The serenity of Lantau Island, where Kan Chi Hung lived, was an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and gave him the leisurely environment that facilitated contemplation and creation. Through his ink painting, Kan evokes an idyllic landscape of quietude.

Through his works, Kan Chi Hung guides his viewers to enter a space of quietness and solitude, a moment of self-reflection and soul-searching. Standing in front of the exhibits, you may hear the rippling echoes of silence.
尋幽 / In Search of Quietude



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