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Zhu Yang

Zhu Yang styled herself Jingyi. She holds a master's degree in business management and a master's degree in Chinese literature. Zhu Yang studied Chinese ink painting since she was a child, and later studied Chinese ink painting and oil painting under Professor Hu Zhende, Professor Zhao Shengli and other masters. She is full of extraordinary imagination, has the ability to control complex and grand scenes, and is also good at depicting and expressing things in detail. Her works are full of fantasy and passion. Zhu Yang is talented in Chinese ink painting. Her ink paintings have a unique style, rigorous pen and ink, novel patterns, bold compositions and profound meanings, giving people a kind of spiritual sustenance and yearning.

Zhu Yang has participated in various art exhibitions and art festivals in Hong Kong and China many times, and her works have been collected by private collections many times during this period. Zhu Yang is currently a member of the Hong Kong Art Association, a member of the Hong Kong Oil Painting Research Association, a member of the Hong Kong Tianqu International

Women's Art Research Association and the World Council of Women Artists, and a member of the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Documentation Association.

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