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"Horse Whinny in Spring, Hoofprints on the Hong Kong River"

Huang Jin
Solo Exhibition

March 10 2024 - April 10 2024
K J Gallery is thrilled to announce the opening of solo exhibition by the esteemed artist, Mr. Huang Jin. Titled 'Horse Whinny in Spring, Hoofprints on the Hong Kong River'.

Huang Jin's horse paintings consistently reflect traditional elements while subtly showing the limitations imposed by contemporary concepts. His unique painting style embodies a distinct language of its own, capturing the essence and structure of horses. This unprecedented technique not only expanded his expressive abilities and aesthetic orientation but also fostered his subjective creativity, resulting in a unique expression of consciousness.

While Mr. Huang Jin's horse paintings exhibit meticulous craftsmanship, they are not merely an intentional pursuit of realism in depicting horses. Unlike conventional portrayals of horses engaged in daily activities, he deviates from the traditional themes of galloping and herding. His artistic subjects, such as bathing horses, eight horses, and dragon and horse spirits, intentionally avoid narrative and mundane expressions. By creating a deliberate separation from real-time and space, he employs realistic depictions of horses to evoke an illusionistic artistic conception.


Within Mr. Huang Jin's horse paintings, horses engage in dialogues not only with other horses but also with birds and dogs. These dialogues serve as expressions questioning the value and dignity of life. They reflect the magnificence and vicissitudes of the world while capturing the unique experiences of non-human beings. Mr. Huang Jin believes that true understanding of nature and the divine can only be achieved when all elements of the world progress harmoniously. He acknowledges that love permeates all aspects of life, and without it, reproduction would be impossible. His portrayal of a mare, therefore, goes beyond personalizing the horse but sincerely expresses the true nature of life.

Chinese culture stands as a testament to its steady development throughout history. Chinese characters, created by the ancestors of the Yellow River Basin, have shaped the Chinese personality and spirit, serving as the foundation of Chinese civilization. In some instances, Mr. Huang Jin incorporates large-scale texts and inscriptions into the background of his horse paintings. He once stated, "The content of the text is secondary. What truly matters is the revelation of the inherent meaning within Chinese characters." Hence, his horse paintings transcend mere depictions of horses, serving as a profound expression of his contemplation on the spiritual world through the assistance of this spiritual animal.



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