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Kan Chi Hung
Kan Chi Hung was born in Hong Kong in 1950.

Kan is a contemporary landscape painter, with a style that is characterized by delicate brushwork and a subtle palette. His treatment of space and light creates a misty atmosphere that has both a lyrical resonance and a sense of modernity. The mutable application of ink tones further enlivens his works with an intriguing nonchalance. The composition is typical of his ongoing exploration of mystical and grandeur landscapes that juxtapose the magnificence of traditional landscapes with profound boundless imagination. He strives to create his paintings from a state of meditative consciousness, in hope for viewer to find their deep space, a place of timelessness, stillness, contentment and quiet introspection.

His works have been selected in Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition. He was a winner of the Prize of Excellence of the "15 Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition in 2005“. In 2008, he was awarded Freeman Fellowship for the artist-in-residence at Vermont Studio Centre, U.S.A He was also selected to participate in the exhibition "Ink Global 2017". Over the years, he has participated many group and solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, China and overseas.
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